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Disrupt Sales and Marketing  

To Disrupt Sales and Marketing -  Measure the Performance of your Sales and Marketing Team in Real-Time and Coach them to Success.


1] Our Cloud-Based software lets your Sales Teams capture essential dialogue with your Customer in Real-Time

2] Machine Learning algorithm guides your  marketing teams to create and disseminate relevant marketing collateral 

Project Sponsor:  QR Systems Inc. Toronto, Ontario

Rapid Start Program 

Quick Assessment and Plan Forward 

Analysis and Readout

  • Review 10 accounts and sales rep interaction for the last 2 weeks [analyze the interaction and create value tags]

  • Review current marketing collateral [map current collateral to value tags]

  • Prepare readout for senior management, showcase gaps and plan forward

Required Resources


  • White Sparrow Analyst: 40 hours

  • Sales Rep: 1 hour/account

  • Marketing Team: 2 to 4 hours

  • Senior Management: 2 hours

with $5k investment, get to know the gaps in your Sales and Marketing Process and Collateral 

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Together,  let's reshape the Future of Account-Based Sales and Marketing



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