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The goal of this service is to provide a succinct education and training content to help master the fundamentals of Innovation for Common Good 

Online education content is delivered through Udemy.

Bi-weekly webinars are supported by our partners and sponsors. 


100% of Udemy revenue is allocated to our Network's Social Projects


Knowing what areas to disrupt and why it matters to you is only a start. 


Deep market research is needed to validate the problem to solve, what is being done today, and what will be your strategic differentiator. 

Market Research

Leverage Your Network's Analysts to help you refine your innovation approach 


They bring deep industry and research skills as well as share your passion to #doBetter. #helpdoBetter 


Benchmark & Advisory

It is always a difficult task for entrepreneurs to know when the innovative MVP is ready for prime time.


Go too early, you waste resources on marketing and sales, wait too long you risk your innovation being copied by somebody else and beating you to the market. This needs to be an objective assessment. 

Your investment partners and advisors are often best suited to do this.

To have timely access to financial resources and a network of potential influencers/customers is one of the most critical milestones for any innovation journey

Finance & Network

Leverage members of the Million Innovators Network to close these resource gaps.

Give your dream a fighting chance

Support Services for Innovators 

Our Network Innovations

Innovation Project  2020

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Enterprise Social Platform 

In days, demonstrate tangible improvement in your ability to make Agile Delivery for your products and projects real.   

Current Status: Early Adopters 

Social Enterprise Project

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Past Projects


Learning Management Platform 

Machine Learning enabled platform to help medical staff develop skills in real-time at the point of care delivery



Tame the wicked problem of preventable errors during hospital care delivery. 

2010 to 2018


ERP for IT Organization 

Manage the Business of IT Organization - including  Investment Management, Architecture and Portfolio Management, ITSM 2007 to 2015



Pre-Authorized Payment System as a COTS product




Real-Time Production Planning System for Discrete Manufacturing 

2001 to 2003



Worker Health & Safety


2004 to 2006

Restoration of pillars is about refreshing commitments to the messages on those pillars

Million Innovators Network - a social enterprise

Canada, 2021 


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Digital Transformation & Organization Inertia

Showcase how to overcome the organization's rigidity to drive Digital Transformation that benefits all.

Tuesday, June 01, 11 am to 12 pm EST

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Synoverge is a platform engineering company with 250 staff, delivering services since 2005.  

QR Systems Inc. (QRS

QRS provides enterprise architecture and management consulting services from Toronto Canada since 2000.


Solve is led by a professional CFO with deep expertise in fundraising, pre-IPO preparation, and an extensive network in series A funding community


Association of Enterprise Architects - a place for members to Learn and Share their Enterprise Architecture Experiences. 

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Climate Change & Disclosure Measures  -> Discover How?

Your Strategic Priority 

Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Daily Act -> coming in June

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Workplace Safety & Efficiency -> Discover How?


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Digital Transformation & Organization Inertia
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