Innovation Workshop 

“Take your Innovation Idea to the Street for real-life validation in less than 8 Hours ”

Program Structure 

 Part I: Fundamentals of Innovation and Transformation Life Cycle

  • Innovation in Mature Industries

  • Opportunity Definition

  • Innovation Definition

  • Elements of MVP Plan and Design

  • Innovation and Value Chain Transformation  


Part II: Innovation Methods in Practice

  • Analyze Current Value Chain and identify Opportunities and Why they matter to you.

  • Identify  Unique Element of your Solution that will deliver monopoly-like powers

  • Plan your Minimum Viable Product Journey

  • Explore friction between Transformation and the Enterprise Desire to Stay the Course.


Part III: Assess and Plan Forward

  • Use the Checklist to assess Your Innovation Journey

  • Plan for 2nd Iteration



  • Onsite

  • 2 Half-day Sessions

  • Pre-Requisite: Review of Online Innovation Course Content

To Discuss and Plan your in House Workshop 



Jason Uppal, P.Eng. 

Tel 416 464 3329 

Business Case  Drivers 

Benefit Drivers

  • Assess your Tram’s ability to define and drive Innovation Agenda

  • Identify Innovation Opportunities and Friction to Change

Cost Drivers

  • Your Staff Time

  • Facilitator Cost: $3k + Travel

The Opportunity Cost of Not giving your staff the opportunities to Innovate and Transform their Organization is Infinite.  

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