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Innovation & Transformation

Opportunity, Unique Solution, MVP and Transformation Readiness – learn how to drive these four data points to fruition. 

Program Modules


  1. Introduction – business value of the course and structure of the program

  2. Opportunity Definition – how to analyze current value chain, discover discontinuities and identify opportunities for innovation and disruptive change

  3. Innovation – describe the unique capability (technical uncertainty) that will help you create the monopoly-like powers and margins

  4. MVP – learn how to develop and validate the product in the market in near real-time

  5. Change and Transform – how to integrate the innovation into  value chain and manage current enterprise friction 

  6. Self Assess – assess your work and plan (fail forward) he next round of refinement and development

  7. Innovation Cases – review how methods are applied by many other  innovators and make  time to tell your own story

Program Structure 

Take the Next Step 

"Lets start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
 St. Francis of Assisi

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