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Canada, 2021 

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Center of Excellence 
Safe Place to Work is a Right!


Strategic Priority: Improve Workplace Safety and Efficiency

Our Goal

Leverage the Lived Experiences approach using WhiteSparrow SaaS to simultaneously improve both Workplace Safety and Efficiency.    


Focus Areas

  1. Transform and Improve Our Culture of Safety

  2. Drive Productivity and Efficiency

  3. Optimize Corporate Support Systems [Safety and Efficiency]

  4. Capital Projects [Safety and Efficiency]

Learn from the Lived Experiences of:


  1. Organization Staff who work with current processes and systems

  2. Industry Experts with insight for the Art of Possibilities

  3. Management – the need to build a Values Centric Organization

  4. Special Interest Group – who influence customer, markets, and regulatory behaviors 


Sample Lived Experiences :

“Efficiency and Workplace Safety can not exist together”


“We talk about workplace safety and we act on workplace efficiency – code name reduce full-time staff”


… See all Lived Experiences in Opportunity Statement Document (in deliverables section)

Working Group Action Plan 

  1. Conference Room Pilot Webinar – engage professionals and conduct conference room pilot.  (Apr 21st), Complete

  2. Opportunity Statement (V0.25) for two out of 4 focused areas  (April 26), Complete

  1. Conduct 3 more CRP sessions with participating organizations (May), in progress

  2. Opportunity Statement (V0.26) for all four focused areas  (May ), in progress

  1. Conceptual Architecture Roadmap and Implementation Plan ( June)

  2. Publish Roadmap and implementation plan for Strategic Priority Improve Workplace Safety and Efficiency as an Open Source. (July 2021)



Focus Areas and Deliverables

Transform and Improve our Culture of Safety,

Drive Productivity and Efficiency, 

Additional Resources 

  • Conference Room Pilot Presentation Deck (download)

  • Recorded Session (requires AEA membership)

Benefits of Working with Network  

  • Help develop next iterations of Opportunity Statements, Architecture Roadmap and Implementation Plan

  • Create a job for yourself and drive Workplace Safety and Efficiency Strategy in your organization and clients

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Group Members 


Challenge status quo and show how EA can support the implementation of  agile projects and product development