Innovation & Capital Projects

“during major projects, It is the perfect time to innovate, but do not distract  your Base Implementation teams from doing the necessary work”

Let our agile teamwork with your teams to drive Innovation and Sustainable Change

Our Team Benefits 

We don’t wait for Opportunities, we Identify Them

Work onsite with your Business Experts

Rapidly define, develop and validate innovation hypothesis  with real customers

Start-up time – zero-days

From Idea to Adoption, one call.

Scope of Our Engagements

  • We will assign  industry veteran Architect and Project Manager

  • Work with your internal  and external stakeholders to define scope, practicality, costs, and benefits of Innovative Opportunity

  • Build a rapid prototype team

  • Through each successive iteration, validate innovation hypothesis and drive Transformation Ready Innovation

  • Output: Integrate Innovation into Currently Running Major Project

Explore How Work Together
Jason Uppal, P.Eng. 
Tel: 416 464 3329 

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