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Canada, 2021 

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Conference Room Pilot  
Strategic Priority
Safety and Efficiency
Webinar Series #6

Webinar Detail

Application of TOGAF® Methods to a Strategic Priority


Through a conference room pilot, showcase a new approach to:

  • how an EA professional can help create agile architecture and implementation plans for a strategic priority?    


CRP Questions 

  • How to get started?

  • What will be our outputs?

  • Roadmap and Agile Implementation Plan?

  • Benchmark our Planning and Transformation Performance Measures?



Case Overview


ACME Engineering is a large semi-regulated industrial organization with nearly 10,000 employees. Most employees are members of different bargaining units. The organization has five strategic and 3 enabling priorities for the next 5 years.  


Selected Strategic Priority for the CRP:

  •  Be a Safe and Efficient Place to Work

    • Areas to Focus

      • Culture of Safety

      • Productivity and Reliability

      • Support and Admin

      • Harness Other Capital Projects



CRP Agenda 

  • Outline Case and showcase ways to communicate to all relevant stakeholders (current staff, industry experts, special interest groups, and management) [5 min]

  • Roleplay and brainstorm Lived Experiences as stakeholders [35 min]

  • Showcase application of AI to manage experiences [5 min]

  • Review Arch Requirements for Overall Opportunity and Each Implementation Plan [5 min]

  • Learning Plan [5 min]

CRP Outputs

  • Architecture Requirements for the overall Roadmap

  • Architecture Requirements for each agile implementation plan

    • Continuous Improvement

    • Improve Current Systems

    • Implement Best Practices

    • Innovate and Disrupt



Learning Plan

  • Apply the advocated approach to any Strategic Priority in your organization and let your network of millionInnovators and AEA help you #doBetter, #helpdoBetter.


Date & Time:

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST


Cost: Free

About the


Jason Uppal, P.Eng. is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada, and Open CA Level 3 certified chief architect, since 2012. 

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Challenge status quo and show how EA can support the implementation of  agile projects and product development