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Canada, 2021 

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Climate Change &
TCFD Disclosure Measures


How do we support our organization’s response to Climate Change crises?

By making climate change and TCFD disclosure measures part of investment portfolio supported by enterprise architecture.

Our Goal

Develop, validate and share tools and techniques on how to leverage TCFD disclosure measures and engage everybody in the organization to advance our organization’s climate change response mandate.  


Focus Areas

  1. Make the response to Climate Change an explicit business strategy

  2. Create awareness and engage staff -Learn from their Lived Experiences 

  3. Incorporate TCFD measures as a part of Enterprise Architecture and investment portfolio Definition

  4. Assess Results

  5. Share good practices   

Learn from the Lived Experiences of:


  1. Organization Staff who work with current processes and systems

  2. Industry Experts with insight for the Art of Possibilities

  3. Management – the need to build a Values Centric Organization

  4. Special Interest Group – who influence customer, markets, and regulatory behaviors 


Sample Lived Experiences :

“We have three vulcanizing ovens, if we keep one, maintain it well and plan our work a little better, the two gas guzzlers can be shut down”


“Instead of outsourcing our poor work to offshore, with new technology we can do better and lower the overall CO2, just because we outsourced it , the pollution didn't go away”


… engage your staff .. they know how to solve these problems in a financially sustainable manner

Working Group Action Plan 

  1. Engage with organizations and understand their plan to respond to climate change

  2. Learn and share good practices

  3. Provide consulting and support services as required


Center of Excellence

Additional Resources 


  • TOGAF® Methods and Climate Change Perspective (Youtube Video – 15 Minutes)

Benefits of Working with Network  

  • Engage your staff with full feature Saas Platform -

  • Help develop next iterations of Opportunity Statements, Architecture Roadmap and Implementation Plan

  • Create a job for yourself and drive Workplace Safety and Efficiency Strategy in your organization and clients

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Group Members 


Challenge status quo and show how EA can help advance your climate change file